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Hávamál 8

While fame and fortune may be nice, don’t become a slave to the praise of others.

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Latest Print on DeviantArt

A great gift for the Soldier in your life!! My poem, My Watch Has Ended, as a visual composition combined with this photograph is now available for purchase. You can purchase and view it HERE!!!

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Mjölnir Vector Art

Another project I did to get more familiar with Adobe Illustrator. The symbols (along with a brief description) on Mjölnir from top to bottom are: Valknut — “Knot of the Slain” that honors those killed in battle […]

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Are you willing to work for it?

Well, are you?

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Living With the Dead

An excellent article on how Ásatrúar and Heathens view death and the dead. Living with the dead By Mainer74  

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My Watch Has Ended

I wrote this poem for my remarks at my retirement ceremony.

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Examination of Heathen Marriage

Written by a good friend. Heathen Freehold Society of British Columbia Wedding Ceremony   There has been a lot of talk in North America these days about traditional marriage, and family values.  That is awesome, […]

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