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Through My Daughters’ Eyes

Another project I am working on is Through My Daughters’ Eyes. For this project I am spending time watching my daughters explore the world and seeking to recapture some of the wonder we lose as we […]

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Interior Decor?

We are new homeowners!!! It’s not something I really worried about before, but since we are settling down and I am now working in the arts, I’m curious to know what folks like when it comes to […]

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Maya Angelou said it well.

We all appreciate someone lifting us up during the dark and stormy parts of our lives. Don’t forget to be that person for others!

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I’d say I’m Improving

Well it may just be my opinion, but I think I have made a lot of progress (with a lot more to go) in my Photoshop techniques. Especially when it comes to how to use […]

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Examination of Heathen Marriage

Written by a good friend. Heathen Freehold Society of British Columbia Wedding Ceremony   There has been a lot of talk in North America these days about traditional marriage, and family values.  That is awesome, […]

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