Texas, Yesteryear

I am a San Antonio area Photographer. So, I knew I wanted my first long-term project to be about Texas. One that would bring some of what I love the Lone Star State to my viewers. I hope to eventually have enough images for a gallery show. Also, maybe even a photo book of these images. Texas, Yesteryear is a photographic homage to the rich history of Texas. It is all about capturing images of historic locations and monuments throughout the state. This gallery contains finalized images that are available as prints. Contact me for information if you’d like copies of any of these images.

History is a rich tapestry. It impacts the present and future in many ways. In my mind, the subject of history often reminds me of the sepia and cyanotype images of old photographs. Also, memory can be somewhat fuzzy. It clearly recalls central things while leaving the edges patchy and irregular. I rendered these photographs into vintage-looking images so the result captures a sense of history.

I started this project with the World Heritage Missions in San Antonio. These first images are from Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo.  Today we see the result of restoration work done by the WPA (Works Projects Administration) in the 1930’s. So, Mission San José is the most complete of the five missions in San Antonio.

While the missions contained churches, but they were more than that. They were the centers of vibrant communities. These missions were established in large part through the work of Father Antonio Margil. Father Margil was a Franciscan friar active in the early 1700’s during the Spanish colonial period. The other four missions in San Antonio are Mission Concepción, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission Espada, and Mission San Antonio de Valero (more commonly known as the Alamo).

Texas, Yesteryear Gallery

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