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Who’s on First? What’s to Blame? I don’t Know has the Answers

I was recently accused of sharing a “demon-crat biased” info-graphic comparing things under Presidents Bush and Obama. My friend proceeded to post some info-graphics of his own (from what I deem to be a conservative […]

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Thank You!!!

I have received a whole host of immensely positive feedback and continue to have increasing views and followers nearly every day. I am so happy to know that my new path as a photographer, writer, and […]

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Are you “FOR” this Candidate? Or are you “AGAINST” their Opponent?

There are a lot of times that I wonder what is going on with politics these days. There is so much effort spent by candidates and their campaigns trashing opponents that it can drive you […]

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My Watch Has Ended

I wrote this poem for my remarks at my retirement ceremony.

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A Journey Begins

Well, it’s been a long time since I did anything here. But now that one chapter in my life draws to a close, another surely begins. And with that in mind, I’m going to begin […]

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Their Flag

This is a poem I wrote while attending Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

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