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Validating concerns of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest

Just in case you’ve missed it, there is a large protest involving the Standing Rock Sioux and numerous other tribes and supporters going on near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, since mid-August. I find it discouraging that so many […]

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A Good Excerpt to Read

Phil Ebersole shared this excellent post and folks should read it if they are trying to understand what is happening with the Democratic Party during this election cycle. Keenanga-Yamahhta Taylor, a Bernie Sanders supporter, wrote this […]

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Living With the Dead

An excellent article on how Ásatrúar and Heathens view death and the dead. Living with the dead By Mainer74  

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Examination of Heathen Marriage

Written by a good friend. Heathen Freehold Society of British Columbia Wedding Ceremony   There has been a lot of talk in North America these days about traditional marriage, and family values.  That is awesome, […]

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