Never Forgotten

This time of year always has emotional impact for me. Having grown up as a navy brat and then serving in the army, I have had many experiences that have shaped my views about what Memorial Day is all about. Regardless of politics, regardless of religious beliefs, regardless of all the divisive issues and subjects in our world today, remember what today is about. It is about honoring those who have given their lives in service to our nation. You don’t have to agree with why they fought or where they fought. But you should respect that they did it.

So Hail to those who have gone before us! May we be worthy of the sacrifices they made!

Remembering The Fallen

I’d encourage everyone to look at my poem Their Flag and remember those who gave all for us.

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My Watch Has Ended - 2-WM@0,5x
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My Watch Has Ended

My Bride and I
My Bride and I at my Retirement Ceremony

My watch has ended
It’s time to take off my boots.
My watch has ended
I leave it to new recruits.

My watch has ended
But my legacy shall remain
In the souls I’ve tended
Who will never forget my name.

My watch is ended
I left my mark hard and true
On Soldiers commended
For into leaders they grew.

My watch is ended,
Stood for my gods and Forebears,
A nation defended
To leave for my heirs.

My watch has ended
But my oath still stands.
I have rounds not yet expended
If you dare invade my land.

©Kenneth W. Hammes
Staff Sergeant (Retired)
United States Army
31 March 2016

Their Flag

Their Flag@0,25xShe fluttered in the wind
That blew o’er the bloodied field
In Remembrance once again
Of those who did not yield.

She stands for what is right and good
In the hearts of blessed men
Who shed their life’s blood
In battle for her time and again.

White is there for Purity,
Blue to remind us be True,
And Red of blood for Bravery,
Soldier, these represent you.

So when you hear the bugle sound
As it did in days of yore,
And you gather yourselves round
To prepare to go to war,

Stand tall and carry Her proudly
As those before you have done,
Firing your volleys loudly
Bear your arms and crew your guns,

For many have fought and died for Her
And the land She represents,
Their legacy is here,
In the Army of the present

And when the battles all are won
And peace reigns night and day,
We shall remember our fallen ones
Every time we see Their Flag!

©Kenneth W Hammes
Private First Class
United States Army
January 1995