Poster Project

This poster was my final project for my Image Manipulation (Photoshop) class. It was selected by the instructor to be put up on display with other top poster projects from her classes in the main showcase at school.

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Shakespeare Quote

Ophelia in Hamlet Act 4, Scene 5.

In this quote Ophelia makes reference to a fable in which a baker’s daughter was turned into an owl for refusing Jesus bread. At this point, Ophelia is on her downward spiral into despair and madness. She is commenting on how we can know what we are at a given point in time but no one knows what we may become in the future.

So take stock of what you are and be honest. No voyage arrives at the desired port if you know not the truth of from where you start. And chart your course towards what you want to be; just realize fate may have other ideas and they may be better!

Digital Painting – First Attempt

I did a little experimenting with digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. I tried to incorporate some of what I have been learning so far this quarter at the Art Institute.

I’d love to hear what y’all think!

I Love FONTS!!

I actually have no idea how many I have now. But I still see fonts online and I am like “OOOHHH! I have got to get that one!!” lol  The problem becomes “Now where is the one I am thinking would be perfect here… <scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll>”

New Project Under Way!!!

I’ve been creating Army themed desktop wallpapers and have been getting great responses to them. This collection will be growing as I have time between projects, so check back periodically. Let me know if there are items (t-shirts, caps, etc) you’d like to purchase with these designs and I’ll see what I can do! Click here to see larger images!

Digital Content added to my Store

I was working on a couple of pieces and I was told that folks might want to use them as desktop wallpapers. So I created a new category in my store, Digital Downloads, where I will be placing images specifically for use on personal computers and other devices. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas as to projects or if you see something you’d like in a different ratio!!

Audrey Hepburn had it right!

Never shortchange yourself! You will never succeed at the things you don’t try. In trying, you may surprise yourself!

Featured Image made using Chalkboard Design Elements by Swedish Points