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Predators in Photography Beware!! You Can’t Hide For Long

Las Vegas-based wedding and elopement photographer, Danette Chappell, posted an article on December 9, 2017, entitled Models Are Using Closed Facebook Groups to Bring Awareness to Sexually Predatory Photographers for the website Fstoppers. That there are […]

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Why Photography

Why did I decide to work as a Fine Art Landscape Photographer in San Antonio? I have had this question asked of me by folks who have known me for years. It is quite a […]

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Never Forgotten

This time of year always has emotional impact for me. Having grown up as a navy brat and then serving in the army, I have had many experiences that have shaped my views about what […]

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Interior Decor?

We are new homeowners!!! It’s not something I really worried about before, but since we are settling down and I am now working in the arts, I’m curious to know what folks like when it comes to […]

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Why be an Artist?

Be an Artist because… SOMEONE needs to hold the lamp.

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Validating concerns of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest

Just in case you’ve missed it, there is a large protest involving the Standing Rock Sioux and numerous other tribes and supporters going on near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, since mid-August. I find it discouraging that so many […]

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Subverted Advertising – PS Class Project

This project was about “subvertising” (which is the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statement). We were to create our own original subvertisement. After seeing the […]

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Who’s on First? What’s to Blame? I don’t Know has the Answers

I was recently accused of sharing a “demon-crat biased” info-graphic comparing things under Presidents Bush and Obama. My friend proceeded to post some info-graphics of his own (from what I deem to be a conservative […]

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Shout out!

I just want to give a shout out to two remarkable women! Jessica Hammes and Samantha Boyd! I have seen how much they have grown since starting their own businesses and how much they have done […]

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