Volunteer Opportunity: Woodlawn Theatre

I recently worked on a photography project at the Woodlawn Theatre in San Antonio. As a result, I found a great place to volunteer. I got to go behind the scenes as they prepared for their showing of Hello, Dolly! Everyone made me feel like it was a homecoming of sorts. Especially considering they immediately knew that Dodger, my service dog, was named after the Dickens character “the Artful Dodger” and not the baseball team!

Back in the Day…

Way back in high school and for a few years after I graduated I participated in theatre back home in Corpus Christi. In high school, I started out helping backstage for our production of The Desk Set. They needed an extra for a scene so I volunteered. It was one appearance and two lines… but I got the bug. After that, I was “Theseus” in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and “Mr. Bumble” in Oliver! which included a solo song. After high school it was primarily at the Harbor Playhouse, but not exclusively. I worked on crew for several shows including The Music Man and Oklahoma!. Even more, I had a blast performing on stage as “Donny Dauntless” in Slaughter on South Staples, one of their summer melodramas.  I had forgotten how much I loved theatre. There wasn’t time for it during my active duty career. But there’s time now!

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to be active in the local community. It builds relationships that otherwise would never have a chance to form. It gives from your talents and abilities and allows you to share in things about which you are passionate. It is also important to be a part of something that contributes to society. And don’t forget that ever important thing called “networking!”  

The Photos

Although I took a lot of shots of the behind the scenes stuff, the photos I took during the dress rehearsals really showcase the talent of the cast!

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