Studies in Photographic Composition

As a relatively new Fine Art Landscape Photographer in San Antonio, I am working on developing my eye for photographic composition. In one class at the Art Institute of San Antonio, we have assignments meant to focus on different elements of photographic design. Some of these assignments were relatively easy. While others required a bit of prior planning and out-of-the-box thinking. So here are some recent images focusing on some of these elements.

Elements of Photographic Composition

Photographic composition of Cement plant.

Landscape photograph of structures at a cement plant in Schertz, Texas. Compositional elements include asymmetrical composition, large depth of field, low horizon line, triangles, and leading lines.


Photographic composition of Air Force training aircraft

Photograph of a USAF T-38 Talon training aircraft near Randolph Air Force Base in Selma, Texas. Compositional elements include asymmetrical composition, strong diagonals, frame within a frame, triangles, and leading lines.


Landscape photograph of a fence post

Landscape photograph of a fence post. Compositional elements include asymmetrical composition, vertical subject in vertical frame, shallow depth of field, high horizon line, and leading lines.


One of the interesting aspects of developing a photographer’s eye is how I am constantly re-evaluating my work. And doing so with the benefit of new experience and understanding. For example, let’s look at the above image of the fence post. I was intent on demonstrating a shallow depth of field and so most of my attention was on the foreground. That part turned out pretty much as I had intended. The blurred-out background however… not so effective. A different angle that didn’t show the overpass and roadway in the background would have been better. So in my mind, that is the difference between simply “good with potential” and “competition worthy.”

Another interesting thing right now is how I look around me and think how I would photograph that. Looking at the lighting, the angles, and the shapes, to the colors, the emotion, and the stories. I am loving this journey into photography so far and can’t wait to see where it leads!

More to Come!!!

There will be future posts featuring Photographic composition elements. Stay tuned!


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