New Sony α7R III Camera

As a San Antonio area Fine Art Landscape Photographer, I have been looking for the right camera to be able to take my landscape and portrait images to the next level. And come November 30th, Sony will have another phenomenal professional grade camera added to their already impressive lineup. It is the Sony α7R III. A 42MP Full-Frame camera with advanced imaging capabilities. It can capture images with virtually unparalleled depth of color and resolution when compared to other 35mm full frame cameras. I cannot wait to get my hands on one!

Some Features of the Sony α7R III

It has 5-axis in-camera stabilization and has native ISO up to 32000. That makes it a beast when it comes to low-light situations. Even more impressively it can expand that upper limit to ISO 102400! It also features a hybrid autofocus system that has 399-point focal plane and 425-point contrast detection. The Sony α7R III also has enhanced eye detection for capturing moving portrait subjects. And it is fast as well; able to shoot up to 10 frames per second.

But I think the feature that really caught my attention was the Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. Unlike most cameras that use a Bayer patterned RGB color filter array. A Bayer pattern captures data for approximately 42 million pixels. The camera then uses interpolation to fill in information around the pixels captured in each color.  The Sony α7R III shifts the sensor in one pixel increments to shoot four sequential frames. This capture data for over 169 million pixels that can then be composited into incredibly sharp images.

What Does all this Mean?

So, what does this mean in layman’s terms? It pretty much does High Dynamic Range type images almost automatically. (A dedicated software application is required for compositing on a personal computer to render the final image.) Add in the 15 stop dynamic range and you get the ability to capture more detail in each shot. (The average camera only captures between 10 to 12 stops.) That means a richer, truer to life final image. And when working to create Fine Art Landscape photos, that is the ultimate goal!

It will take a bit to save up the money as the body alone is to retail at $3199. But when I do, it will really pay off for my Texas, Yesteryear and Through My Daughters’ Eyes projects.

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