A sneak peek of “Texas, Yesteryear”

Texas, Yesteryear is a photographic homage to the rich history of Texas capturing images of historic locations and monuments throughout the state. History is a rich tapestry that impacts the present and future in many ways. In my mind, the subject of history often reminds me of the sepia and cyanotype images of old photographs. And memory can be somewhat fuzzy in that it clearly recalls central things while leaving the edges patchy and irregular. To capture this sense of history, these photographs are rendered in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop into vintage-looking images. To convey the sense of memory they are then given irregular paint-like vignettes and an overall hint of painterly effect.

I delight in learning about history and strive to honor those who have come before us. And I can think of no better way to share this than through the lens of my art.

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