Poster Project

This poster was my final project for my Image Manipulation (Photoshop) class. It was selected by the instructor to be put up on display with other top poster projects from her classes in the main showcase at school.

Ever since I started the process to attend the Art Institute, I have admired the works displayed throughout the school. I decided that “one of these days” I would have a piece selected for display. I am ecstatic to have made this goal. I’ll post pictures when it goes up next month.

“The Royal Manticoran Navy” “Do It With Honor!” “The Tradition Lives!” and the Rampant Manticore, uniform and insignia designs are all from the Honor Harrington novels by David Weber and from The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. Some Rights Reserved. Honor Harrington and all related materials are © David Weber.
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