Validating concerns of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest

protesttreesJust in case you’ve missed it, there is a large protest involving the Standing Rock Sioux and numerous other tribes and supporters going on near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, since mid-August. I find it discouraging that so many major news agencies seem to be
“missing” this on going situation in their coverage. gettyimages-599437908-1280x720But there is good reason for the concerns of the thousands who have shown up to protest. Just look at what has happened in Alabama in the last month-and-a-half; TWO major incidents. In September, a gasoline spill of more than 250,000 gallons and Monday’s explosion and fire. And what was everyone’s primary concern? Gas shortages and rising gas prices.

Now I completely understand the concern over gasoline prices and supply. I am a vehicle owner on a very limited income after all. But where is the national concern regarding the damage to the environment? Locals residents are concerned. Where is the coverage about how this validates many of the concerns of the protesters in North Dakota? (It can be found online on places like Reuters or The Free Thought Project or other sites.) There have been reports of violent tactics being used against unarmed peaceful protesters. And with the US record on dealings with our First Nations, it’s not a stretch to believe in the validity of the “underground reporting” coming from the protest.

I know many people may have differing views about what is really going on. But I encourage and implore you to be informed. There is much we don’t know about what is really going on and that should be a concern for us all.

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