Monthly Archives: April 2016


What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

OK, OK. Some of y’all are going to find this amusing. (And I can guess a lot of you who will be.) I have undertaken graphic design projects to help some enterprising individuals running home-based […]

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Some DeviantArt Fun

I played around a bit using some templates.    

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Thank You!!!

I have received a whole host of immensely positive feedback and continue to have increasing views and followers nearly every day. I am so happy to know that my new path as a photographer, writer, and […]

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Who Controls Your Future?

“Put your future in good hands — your own.” ~Author Unknown

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Hávamál 8

While fame and fortune may be nice, don’t become a slave to the praise of others.

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New Vector Art

I wanted to make a simple tag that just featured the ravens and my web address. I like how it turned out!

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Latest Print on DeviantArt

A great gift for the Soldier in your life!! My poem, My Watch Has Ended, as a visual composition combined with this photograph is now available for purchase. You can purchase and view it HERE!!!

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Latest Photo Shoot

I wanted a good image to put with my poem, My Watch Has Ended. So I set up and shot some photographs. Here are the ones that made the cut to share.

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